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Obama vs. McChrystal….T.K.O.

President Obama and General Stanley McChrystal went at it in the sandbox. They have our wallets and the lives of our sons and daughters in their hands. McChrystal basically lost in in getting his emotional needs met (gotta be right!). Obama’s locked in plan for withdrawal reels against common military wisdom. Two men locked in their respective “knowledges”. No exploration of doubt. Obama wins. T.K.O.

A Moment of Clarity: Knowledge Is Power

HDClarity Website Launch

Kim DeMotte, Corporate CoDriver, and editor of the HDClarity e-zine announced today that he is launching Articles that appear in the e-zine will be archived on the website and available for publication free of charge (with authorship credits). HDClarity had been in continuous publication since December of 2008 and has subscribers from all across […]

I’m Not Perfect, But You Better Be!

From Volume 3, Issue 6: Barack Obama, BP and the perfect game that got away.

Shake It Up, Baby

From Volume 3, Issue 6: Travis & Terry Hanson, Knower/Judger and how opposites communicate.

HD Clarity: Volume 3, Issue 5 – May 2010

Volume 3, Issue 5 (May 2010)
In This Issue: Three Responses and an Unbelievable Race, Facing the Changes, Ho’oponopono and Science, Archives.