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Corporate CoDriver: How to have your ‘help’ accepted.

When we were kids, our parents helped us with a million things. Eating. Tying our shoes. Putting on layers of clothing for going outside in the Winter. On top of that most likely they taught us to help others.

Moment of Clarity, July, 2011: Casey Anthony Walks

From Volume 4, Issue 7: If you’re one of the 250 million Americans who watched the saga of missing Caylee Anthony unfold over the past few years, how do you feel about the verdict?

Out of the Playground, into the Workplace

From Volume 4, Issue 7:U.S. corporations spend an estimated $2.7 million per year on in-house wellness programs to help employees stop smoking, lose weight, and get fit. They aren’t investing for purely altruistic reasons. They’re investing in their own health, dramatically cutting healthcare costs. Yet they—and, I am willing to bet, you too—are neglecting to invest in another area that is costing American companies billions each year: playing nice.

Committing to the Crash

From Volume 4, Issue 7:At Tim O’Neil’s Rally School and Car Control Center in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, students learn how to avoid “committing to the crash.” Important for the survival of rally car drivers. But in a very real and damaging way, we’re all committing to the crash in myriad ways every day.