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Moment of Clarity, February, 2012: Expectations: Whitney Houston

“To whom much has been given, much is expected”. Whitney Houston was surely gifted and felt the burden of expectation. It finally crushed her.

May the Process Be with You

From Volume 5, Issue 2Yoda once said “Do or not do. There is no try.” I’ve found those words less than helpful. In almost 35 years of working with teams to improve results, sales, market penetration, and team solidarity, as well as reach a myriad of other goals, I never saw anyone, as Nike says, “Just Do It.” But I have seen a lot of success using the process I recommend.

HDClarity Tool Set: 7 Tools for a Clearer Picture

From Volume 5, Issue 2:Every article or video that’s appeared in this column is a tool for those who might want to change something, but who find their personal resources incapable of getting them there. We all need tools to enhance our innate capability to do things, and we often require a certain level of training and expertise to use them without hammering a thumb or cutting a finger. Here are a few of the many tools my clients and I use to get results and make changes, as well as quick links so you can learn how to use them effectively.