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Childish or Childlike?

From Volume 5, Issue 11:We all have an “inner child,” don’t we? Sometimes it’s curious and investigating. And sometimes it’s mischievous and rebellious. Sometimes it just loves unconditionally (puppies and kittens come to mind), and sometimes it functions like a paranoid schizophrenic (temper tantrums).

Who are you when your child takes over? Jekyll or Hyde

A Thanksgiving Present Is Yours for the Choosing

From Volume 5, Issue 11:A. Fear B. Anger C. Joy Choose one! While some of you might have some sort of emotional attachment to fear or anger, I’ll bet you picked C. Why? Because the other choices are emotions that cause us pain, stress, suffering, and struggle. And we usually don’t want those things. What are our emotions, anyway, and how can you change them to get more of the emotions you do want?

Moment of Clarity November, 2012 – Comfort Food