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The Power of Choice

From Volume 6, Issue 4:“Want fries with that?” squawked the drive-through speaker.

“Sure,” the driver mumbled, and drove forward to pay at the first window.

He’d made a choice. Or had he?

Clearing the Mind

From Volume 6, Issue 4:Clutter. I have it in my office. I have it in my shop. I have it in my home (although mostly in my areas, not my wife’s). I can live with all that. What I have a problem with is the clutter in my mind. Constant self-talk, thoughts, judgments, predictions.

What does clutter in the mind feel like? To me, it feels like a traffic jam on Times Square, with thoughts and expectations and fears all trying to get through the intersection at the same time. Clearing the mind brings calm and order, a sense of peace, and the ability for me to get where I want to go.

Moment of Clarity, April 2013, The Handicap of Familiarity