July 15, 2024


For the most part, we interact with others in our environment from one of two personal operating systems, or what I call personas.

The second one I term the LEARNER/RESEARCHER.

Learner/Researchers (L/Rs) are frequently unsure that they “know” what to do in a given situation…or how to answer. They can be extremely valuable to a team or an organization because they will frequently think “out-of-the-box”. Or they can take inordinate amounts of time to develop an “answer”. They would rather look something up gathering data than conclude an issue. L/Rs are the ones that are not comfortable they “know” the answer, and so, will often spend time and resources learning and collecting data. They are valuable to our organization because they perpetually challenge the status quo.

  • Learner/Researchers are looking for new and creative ways of doing things, and suspend judgment.
  • Because of suspended judgment, learning is enhanced.
  • They are mathematicians…calculating the probabilities.
  • They pay attention to history as a source of data, but are always in the present.
  • Their research can lead to brilliant insight or be overly time-consuming.
  • Ready, aim, aim, aim, aim………is possible.
  • Gray’s OK….not Black and White.