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Moment of Clarity, June, 2013: Happy Rich Dad: Poor Dad’s Day

Moment of Clarity, January 2013: Coach Gandalf

A Gift for the Knower/Judger

From Volume 5, Issue 12:Regular readers of this newsletter are pretty familiar with our concept of the Knower/Judger. It’s the part of you that lives by your embedded rules of life. It knows right from wrong…frequently to the exclusion of outside information. Usually I berate the K/J as the source of a lot of frustration and conflict, but this holiday season I’m letting my K/J off the hook and thanking it for all the good things it brings.

The Expectation/Frustration Connection

From Volume 5, Issue 12:According to my dictionary, the term “expectation” was first used about 1540 in the Common Era. In about 1555, the term “frustration” appeared…and they’ve been linked ever since. It seems frustration has been following expectation for almost 500 years. If you got rid of one, could you get rid of the other?

A Moment of Clarity, April, 2012: What hiccups and arguments have in common

Click for more on Knower/Judger and Learner/Researcher.

A Moment of Clarity, March 2012: Bucket List

Google “Things to do before I die” and you will see references to 100, 50, 101, 200, 1000 things. Seems like people have at least dreamed about a lot of things to do before they die.

Making Space In the Beaker of Knowledge

From Volume 5, Issue 3You can’t stuff knowledge into a full brain! Sometimes we have to let go of something to learn something new. Consider a beaker of water, full to the brim. Now try to put some more water in it. Doesn’t work, does it? Just falls over the edges onto the table. So it is when we try to impart our wisdom to others. Is it possible to get others to drain a little “knowledge” so they can learn something more? I believe it is.

Moment of Clarity, October 2011, At the ol’ ballgame

From Volume 4, Issue 10:“Every year, and every round of the playoffs,” he said, “there’s distractions all around. It can go from family stuff, clubhouse stuff, opponents, friendships, whatever it is. If you can’t eliminate that on your day, you’re going to have extra trouble.” Chris Carpenter

Corporate CoDriver: The Nature of Impatience

My mentor, Jut Meininger worked diligently the last several years of his life to get me to just give up the concept of “expecting”.   Sure, we can want people to be different than they are.  We can want them to be thoughtful when they’re not.  We can want them to do what they agree to […]

9/11 – Loving What Is

From Volume 4, Issue 9:Ten years ago, some people who didn’t like the United States of America and what it stands for hijacked airplanes and caused havoc.