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I’m so Pissed

From Volume 4, Issue 9:Ever have one of those days, when it seems the universe has it in for you?

Moment of Clarity: September 2011, 9/11 Lesson

From Volume 4, Issue 9:Since 9/11, we have changed our “rules of life”. People who were acceptable in the past are no longer acceptable. We tolerate continual invasions into our privacy and we have extracted “revenge” on the perpetrators. Are we better off? Are we moving in a productive direction?

Corporate CoDriver: Setting the limits

Entrepreneurs learn the hard way. I met recently with partners of a start up renewable energy company. They recounted a story of one of their early employees who had been with them from the start. This individual lost the “passion” for the mission some time ago, but for some reason or other was still in place, still plugging along.

Corporate CoDriver: Why can’t they just (add change needed here)?

I’ve been working with guys (yes these are all guys) recently who seem to want to change important people in their lives.

Corporate CoDriver: Ready….Aim….FIRE!

During the American Revolutionary War, the British Military brought centuries of European military engagement strategy to the battlefield. In Europe, battling armies would walk up in lines within 25-35 meters of each other, raise their muskets and fire at the enemy (who was doing the same thing at them).

Corporate CoDriver: Why do any of us have to buy into this crap?

This past weekend, I went out to Southern California to co-drive for an old friend at the Gorman Ridge Rally.  Nothing unusual about this race from any other.   John Dillon was a novice driver, but a very experienced co-driver.  He’d been offered a car much like I was back in February when I drove the […]

Corporate CoDriver: Pass it on.

At a recent coaching session with a very talented IT client of mine (we’ll call her Marsha) she recounted a story to me about a particularly contentious negotiating (well, actually fault-finding) conversation she facilitated between a client of hers and her client’s client.

Moment of Clarity, August 2011: My Dad’s Three Rules of Life

Most of you are familiar with my position that we operate in life through the Knower/Judger rules and traditions gifted or cursed to us by our parents.

Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad concept also works for Happy Dad, Sad Dad; Aggressive Dad, Passive Dad; Persecutor Dad, Victim Dad, etc. We grow up mirroring the environment that surrounds us.

A Tale of Two Dogs

From Volume 4, Issue 8:When we lost our family’s first dog 15 years ago, it was perfect timing. Youngest daughter is out of the nest, dog’s dead…we’re free! I lasted about 45 days, then went down to the Humane Society and adopted Beelzebub (Bubba for short), a near-pure black Lab and Gabriel (Gabby), a wound-up, wacko border collie–hound mix. These two spent the next 12 years as adoring brothers, roaming free in our front yard on a busy corner in our little town of Webster Groves, Missouri, and teaching a valuable lesson about the importance of knowing when to be in your Knower/Judger and when to be in your Learner/Researcher.

You Know the Type, but Do You Really?

From Volume 4 Issue 8We only have one opportunity to make a first impression, and sometimes we don’t even get that opportunity. Almost universally, we make judgments about people as soon as we meet them. Tall, short. Fat, skinny. Attractive, unattractive. Cool, uncool. Rich, poor. My kind, not my kind. Are the judgments you’re making getting in the way of your success?