June 19, 2024

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June 2024, The Adult in the Room, Avoiding F-bombs

May 2024, The Thin Line Between Humor and Hate, Decluttering

April 2024, The significance of insignificance, When the student is ready.

March 2024, Love-Hate 101, HACKED!!

February 2024, Self Coaching Skills: Take Control of Your Life, You gotta know when to fold ’em

January 2024, ALERT! Clarity under siege, Put another log on the fire


December 2023, ‘Tis the season, Variety the spice of life.

November 2023, Breaking the Cycle: Embracing Change in Triggering Moments and Conversations, Kubo.

October 2023, You have the tools to inspire, Who’s your Daddy’s Daddy’s Daddy’s Daddy?

September 2023, What Happened?,  Divided?

August 2023, Power of NO, Caring

July 2023, Child like or Child-ish, Erin Kelly

June 2023, It ain’t fair, Opinion vs Fact

May 2023, Right or Kind, Rainy Days and Mondays

April 2023, You’ve Been Lied To, Wanting

March 2023, Permission, Flow

February 2023, Learning to Learn, Choosing Attitude

January 2023, Resolve to Not Resolve, Bucket List


December 2022, The Value of Clarity, Routines

November 2022, A Shot Out to Doubt, Dog Ate My Homework

October 2022  No publishing

September 2022, Be You Own Best Observer, Budget for It

August 2022, Coach or Advisor, Red Pill – Blue Pill

July 2022, What Do You Want?, Golf as Coach

June 2022, In the absence of a smile, Hope – No Hope

May 2022, Road rage, Shame-pride

April 2022, Intentionally, We Didn’t Start the Fire

March 2022, There’s more to the K/J vs L/R, Ol’ Easy Chair

February 2922, Role vs Sole, Fear

January 2022, Stockholm Syndrome, What Is Your Best


December 2021, Why Focus on Mistakes, Dog Ate My Homework

November 2021, 4 Faces of NO, Change Your Mind?

October 2021, Kind of, Defining Moments

September 2021, Habits/Addictions, Travelog

August 2021, Sky not falling, How to end an argument

July 2021, Choose Happy, Bad News;Good News

June 2021, Actions have consequences, Love me or hate me

May 2021, Life and MLB, Own it!

April 2021, Have, Are, Do

March 2021, Own it!, Joy

February 2021 Clarity, Yield

January 2021 Care to Worry, Different Boat


December 2020 New Normal,Traditions Missed

November 2020 Hoping, wishing, wanting / Disappearance

October 2020 No publishing

September 2020 Nothing is something, Hydrating

August 2020 Narrative, Vacation

July 2020 Love/hate, Blessed

June 2020 Better response to chaos, Thoughts about the rest

May 2020 Forgive me, Opening up

April 2020 Pony in here somewhere, Stay at home

March 2020 Do you like being angry?, Corona

February 2020 Try something different, Why do you want what you want?

January 2020 I’ve decided to be happy, No video


December 2019 It’s nice to be right, Belief

November 2019 Stress & the Holidays, Veterans

October 2019 Perception & Reality, Employees vs Volunteers

September 2019 Relation ships, Ok – not Ok

August 2019 Can’t haven’t won’t, Miracles

July 2019 Drivers, Introversion

June 2019 Settling, Good luck carms

May 2019 Trust, Who cares?

April 2019 The blessing & curse of stress, South Africa

March 2019 Clarity, Faith

February 2019 Intimacy, There is a space

January 2019 Joy or Despondency, Too Much – Too Little


December 2018 Savor the moment, No more New Year’s resolutions

November 2018 Wanting, Flexibility

October 2018 Preach, teach or reach, There is a “try”

September 2018 Comfort or Adventure, Human spirit

August 2018 Get what you deserve, Experts

July 2018 Conflicts, Rough Patches

June 2018 Jumping to conclusions, Eney-ness, Ringer

May 2018 What pisses you off, I coulda been a contender, Factfulness

April 2018 Defining the problem, Solving the problem, Eastern Europe

March 2018 Not saying sorry, Nature of anger, Journey or destination

February 2018 Developing power, Happy discontent, Elevator speech

January 2018 Prepare the child, New Years resolution, R&R&R


December 2017 Letting yourself learn, The value of maybe, Giving

November 2017 Wanting, Smiling, Veterans Day

October 2017 Universal Truth, Altruism, If

September 2017 Habit or Addiction, Kryptonite, Protesting 2014 vs 2017

August 2017 Lucking, K/J L/R 101, Multi-generational Benefit

July 2017 Maybe/Maybe Not, Work-Life Balance, Where Do I Find Truth

June 2017 Indulgence, But I Want It, Happy Step-Father’s Day

May 2017 Letting Go, New Beginnings, Guilt

April 2017 Process of Learning & Researching to Learn, Risk/Reward, Rebirth

March 2017 Team Trust, Nature & Nurture of Knowledge, Extremes

February 2017 Guilt Tripped?, Would Worry Help?, Antibiotic Governance

January 2017 Wanted, Feeding Yourself New Information, Home


December 2016 Creative Quitting, Age & Expectations, Christmas Truce 2016

November 2016 The 2016 Election, Reinterpreting Trust Issues, Misery/Happiness

October 2016 Maybe I Like My Rut, Speak Up, My Passion

September 2016 Pain & Brain, This Is Not a Rehearsal, Character Flaws

August 2016 The Violence Agenda, What Was I Thinking?, Olympics

July 2016 Shit or Get Off the Pot, Decision-Decisions, Divided Nation

June 2016 What Do I Want, Employee Engagement, Progress/Change

May 2016 Making the Old New, Lucking, Commitment

April 2016 Margins, Angry About Being Angry, Europe Video

March 2016 Obnoxious People, May I Approach, Trump

February 2016 Expectations & Aspirations, The Risk of Doing Nothing, First Week of February

January 2016 Happy 2016, Altruism, Happiness


December 2016 Musial Moments, Driver’s Seat, Invitation to Interview

November 2015 Reset Button, Flow, Vacation

October 2015 Serving 2 Gods, Top 10, Manager in Your Head

September 2015 Pet Love, Words Can Hurt You, Childlike

August 2015 1 Foot in Front of Other, Triggers, Thank You for Your Service

July 2015 Banish Stress, Benefit of Doubt, Ferguson vs Charleston

June 2015 Funks, Desire, Father’s Day

May 2015 Fun, Losing & Loss, When 1 Door Closes

April 2015 Questioning Beliefs, Call Me Crazy, Unmet Expectations

March 2015 Acceleration, Hunger Games, Meditation/Vacation

February 2015 Starting, Accountability, Puzzles & Paradoxes

January 2015 Benefits of Doubt, Ferguson Facts, Resolutions


December 2014 Dysfunctional Dialogue, Cost of Convenience, Do I HAVE to understand?

November 2014 Hands Up, The Inner Monologue, Summit

October 2014 Sad, Right or Kind, Post Season

September 2014 Forgive and Forget, Sabotage, Plenty in the Tank

August 2014 Your Story, You Look Good, Change and Transition

July 2014 Quitting to Win, Rewriting History, I Quit

June 2014 Another Train, Stigma of Assessments, Dads

May 2014 What Part of No, Traveling the Unexpected Road, Try it

April 2014 Significance of Insignificance, Owning Your Onion, Video

March 2014 Oh Brother, Trust but Verify, Satisfied vs Happy

February 2014 Keeping Resolutions, Valentine’s Day, Video

January 2014 More Productive Conversations, Fear & Hope, Rewarding Your Milestones


December 2013 Wonder-full, Learn from Mistake, Xmas Video

November 2013 Happiness, Managing Thought, Who Says?

October 2013 Freeing Your Goat, Focus & Presence, Drive Your Own Life

September 2013 Freeing Your Goat, Focus & Presence, Driving Your Own Life

August 2013 Real Power Trip, Survey Says

July 2013 The Secret of Running a Team, What to Trade Time?, Request for Clarity

June 2013 Conversational Foreplay, The Problem with MEN, Happy Rich Day Day

May 2013 In Pursuit of Happiness, If Not Now, Black Swan – Silver Swan

April 2013 The Power of Choice, Clearing the Mind, Handicap of Familiarity

March 2013 Gambler’s Dilemma, Change from Within, Hammer to the Finger  

February 2013 Role vs Soul, Verify or Forgive, Valentine’s Day  

January 2013 Psychopath, Our Teachers are Waiting, Coach Gandalf 


December 2012 Expectation/Frustration, A Gift, Managing Expectations  

November 2012 Childish/Childlike, Pain Fear Joy, Comfort Food

October 2012 Pain, Emoticons, Last Strike 

September 2012 The Other Guy, Black Swan, Rants 

August 2012 Against Yoda, Decisions, Summit 

July 2012 Susan G. Komen, The Eagle Flies, F.E.A.R.  

June 2012  Question that can change, Breaking down the Bureaucracy,  

Process in Pink  

May 2012 Repairing a Broken Connection, Two Cheeks, Transitions 

April 2012 Proper Use of the F Word, How to Change Your Luck, HICCUPS

March 2012 Beaker of Knowledge, The Forgiveness Thing, The Bucket List

February 2012 Seven Tools, Yoda, Expectation – Whitney Houston

January 2012 How to Break Free, Bad Turns to Good with UPR, Information or Affirmation


December 2011 Surviving the Season, Who Loves Ya, Anticipation   

November 2011 Boss is Right, Vocal Presence, Occupy This

October 2011 Someone left the cake out in the rain, Taking the high road, At the ol’ ballgame

September 2011 Loving what is, I’m so pissed, 9/11 lessons

August 2011 Frank’s 3 Rules, Invisible Fence, First Impressions

July 2011 Interpersonal Wellness, Commit to the Crash, Casey Anthony Walks

June, 2011 Takes a moment, Meet Emotional Needs, Birthday 

May, 2011 Addictive Conversation, Foot in Mouth, Competence vs. Connection

April, 2011 Enemy-ness, K/J vs.K/J, Help

March 2011BOLD, Value of a Smile, 510

February 2011 Balancing Act, You Lost me at Hello, Co-Driver turned driver

January 2011 Excuse yourself from the Dance, The King’s Speech, Reagan-O’Neill


December 2010 How to Really Win, My Favorite Bad Guy, Doing what you love to do.

November, 2010 Managing the process, 5th stage of learning, 110% vs. process

October 2010 Avocados; VOTE; Temptation

September 2010 Calm Starts with you; Why I want what I want; Eixenberger

August 2010 It’s Who I Am, Conversation Openers,  Helmets and K/J

July 2010 Scorpion & Frog, Failure as Process, and Power of Conversation

June 2010 Kick Ass, Shake It Up, Baby, Knowledge is Power

May 2010 Three Responses(Duplessis), Transition, Ho’oponopono & Science 

April, 2010 Hope, Tiger/Eldrick, Horse’s Ass

March, 2010 Wipe the Slate Clean, Failing Forward, Extraordinary

February, 2010 Getting out of the Triangle, Maybe-maybe not, Who Dat?

January, 2010 Drama Triangle, Blind Side, Summit Review


December, 2009 Red Conversation, Christmas 1914 Truce

November, 2009 Green Conversation, Hate, Jim Abbott

October, 2009 – 6th and 7th Gears

September, 2009 – 4th and 5th Gears

August, 2009 – 1st, 2nd, 3rd Gears

July, 2009 – Frustration, Cotton, Coaching

June, 2009 – Unlearning, Knower/Judger; Learner/Researcher

May, 2009 – Doubt

April, 2009 – Ho’oponopono

March, 2009 – The Sky is Falling

February, 2009 – USAir Fight 1549

January, 2009 – Let Go of the Past


December, 2008 – HDClarity introduction

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