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Moment of Clarity, August 2020, I didn’t make a Moment of Clarity video this month!

Moment of Clarity, June 2020, We’ll never get another shot at a reset like we have now.

Moment of Clarity, May 2020, When are YOU opening?

Clarity (After all, the title of this monthly missive is HDClarity!)

From Volume 12, Issue 3:When I sought out a standard definition of “clarity” or “clear,” I found synonyms like “coherent,” “intelligible,” “transparent,” and “pure.” Pretty understandable, right?

I suppose these synonyms work for a good general explanation of what clear means. But, I actually find them a little… unclear.

Moment of Clarity, August 2017, The Lost Art of Grandparenting

Moment of Clarity, February 2017, Antibiotic Governance

Moment of Clarity, July 2014 I QUIT!

Moment of Clarity, December 2013, Uncle Pete’s Christmas gift

Are you Syria-s?

From Volume 6, Issue 9:At the time of writing, we have no idea what’s going to happen with Syria. In fact, we have no idea what happened in Syria to start this whole thing. What I do know is that the situation is a global example of what goes on in our offices, in our families, and in other interactions. And if we want it to be resolved peacefully (and hopefully it has been) then we may need to take a look at how we’re dealing with similar situations in our own lives.

A Real Power Trip

From Volume 6, Issue 8:Recently, a client used the V8 palm-to-forehead smash when he realized that people who piss him off are executing their power over him. To rage and attack such people just further proves that the antagonist has total control over him. He gets completely engaged in the game, which is being directed by the other person.

Sound familiar?