April 21, 2024


From Volume 16, Issue 3: It’s virtually impossible for me to learn something (add or change a belief, initiate or learn a skill, etc.) when I believe I know the subject matter. Almost inevitably I will take the information that someone is trying to teach me and compare it against what I already know. And then, with no motivation to do otherwise, I’ll discount it, or even argue with it either covertly or overtly.

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The Value of Clarity

From Volume 15, Issue 1: It’s been almost 20 years since I assembled the team that wrote the book, The Positive Power of NO. At the time there were dozens of books on the subject of YES: Getting to YES, Yes is the Answer, etc. I had gathered a half dozen of my fellow business consultants and asked if they found themselves counseling their clients to reign in the “you can do it” mantra and start to set limits. In other words, figuring out what to say no to.

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