July 15, 2024

The significance of insignificance

From Volume 16, Issue 1: “We are completely insignificant in the universe—except to each other, now.” (Borrowed from a movie and revised slightly by me.)

We may look at the smallest creatures—insects, perhaps—as insignificant. I can either assertively or accidentally step on one, thus disrupting a genetic chain. He or she will have no prodigy, and I did that!

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Love-Hate 101

From Volume 16, Issue 1: While the concepts of love and hate are supposed opposites, yet mean what they mean to each of us, I’m thinking common ground is needed to reconcile the two and bring internal comfort. It may help us to understand why love and hate are two sides of the same coin, so to speak. Or why love and hate actually live along the same continuum.

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Self Coaching Skills: Take Control of Your Life

From Volume 16, Issue 1:Did you declare a New Year’s resolution?

And are you now wondering why you still can’t seem to change a behavior? (My nemesis remains getting into conversations and then talking over the other person.)

Maybe you’d like to develop skills for your business or employer or personal life. Have you ever worked with a coach—for business, life, or golf—but you still struggle to realize certain goals?

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