December 9, 2022

Corporate CoDriver: Setting the limits

Entrepreneurs learn the hard way. I met recently with partners of a start up renewable energy company. They recounted a story of one of their early employees who had been with them from the start. This individual lost the “passion” for the mission some time ago, but for some reason or other was still in place, still plugging along.

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Corporate CoDriver: Ready….Aim….FIRE!

During the American Revolutionary War, the British Military brought centuries of European military engagement strategy to the battlefield. In Europe, battling armies would walk up in lines within 25-35 meters of each other, raise their muskets and fire at the enemy (who was doing the same thing at them).

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Corporate CoDriver: Pass it on.

At a recent coaching session with a very talented IT client of mine (we’ll call her Marsha) she recounted a story to me about a particularly contentious negotiating (well, actually fault-finding) conversation she facilitated between a client of hers and her client’s client.

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