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Corporate CoDriver: The Nature of Impatience

My mentor, Jut Meininger worked diligently the last several years of his life to get me to just give up the concept of “expecting”.   Sure, we can want people to be different than they are.  We can want them to be thoughtful when they’re not.  We can want them to do what they agree to […]

Corporate CoDriver: Setting the limits

Entrepreneurs learn the hard way. I met recently with partners of a start up renewable energy company. They recounted a story of one of their early employees who had been with them from the start. This individual lost the “passion” for the mission some time ago, but for some reason or other was still in place, still plugging along.

Corporate CoDriver: Why can’t they just (add change needed here)?

I’ve been working with guys (yes these are all guys) recently who seem to want to change important people in their lives.

Corporate CoDriver: Ready….Aim….FIRE!

During the American Revolutionary War, the British Military brought centuries of European military engagement strategy to the battlefield. In Europe, battling armies would walk up in lines within 25-35 meters of each other, raise their muskets and fire at the enemy (who was doing the same thing at them).

Corporate CoDriver: Why do any of us have to buy into this crap?

This past weekend, I went out to Southern California to co-drive for an old friend at the Gorman Ridge Rally.  Nothing unusual about this race from any other.   John Dillon was a novice driver, but a very experienced co-driver.  He’d been offered a car much like I was back in February when I drove the […]

Corporate CoDriver: Pass it on.

At a recent coaching session with a very talented IT client of mine (we’ll call her Marsha) she recounted a story to me about a particularly contentious negotiating (well, actually fault-finding) conversation she facilitated between a client of hers and her client’s client.

Corporate CoDriver: Ships Passing in the Night

Friday I had a very busy day.  I worked out (as I try to do on a daily basis, but sometimes my Knower/Judger rules against it).  I met a client for a cup of coffee at the trendy Kaldi’s Coffee Shop in beautiful downtown Kirkwood, MO.  I had a lunch meeting with a prospective 3-2-1-GO […]

Managing uncomfortable processes…thrive or struggle. WANT is the answer.

I met one morning this week with a coaching client who is working very hard on managing the processes that will yield the results he wants. Typically we find these issues in the arena of sales. And that is the case here. But it works in just about everything we WANT to accomplish….golf skills, home […]

Corporate CoDriver: People Don’t Leave Companies….

Blog August 8th, 2011: Employees don’t leave their companies. They leave managers. Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman discovered that back in 1999 from the research they did for their groundbreaking book “First Break All the Rules”.

Corporate CoDriver: What’s the greatest cause of frustration? Expectations!

I was with clients this past weekend in a workshop setting.  And a point was made by the presenter that sometimes in order to get what we want we have to do some uncomfortable things.  (To find your prince charming sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs!). A fellow observer leaned over to […]