May 30, 2024

Managing uncomfortable processes…thrive or struggle. WANT is the answer.

500 Pound phoneI met one morning this week with a coaching client who is working very hard on managing the processes that will yield the results he wants. Typically we find these issues in the arena of sales. And that is the case here. But it works in just about everything we WANT to accomplish….golf skills, home ownership, quality of life….these are all results that we can’t just make happen. They occur as a result of the processes that either lead one toward or away from the goal.

Obsessing about a goal can usually be seen as a Knower/Judger trait in that our “rule” is that we “should” win. Unfortunately, there is little room in our K/J for the data that there are steps to that goal that, for the most part, cannot be avoided. And sometimes these steps are challenging because they take us out of our comfort zone.

In sales, the first impasse is frequently making prospecting telephone calls. The sales training environment is full of curricula that can help under-performing sales people deal with the 1000 pound telephone. Making telephone calls to explore buying interest is perceived by the K/J as an uncomfortable exercise. And most salespeople struggle with this imperative their entire career.

When our Learner/Researcher gets clear and recognizes the FACT that you can’t sell something to anyone until you’ve first made contact with them (d’oh!), the desire to survive and thrive overcomes the comfort zone addiction. If we just don’t WANT to sell something to someone (and believe me there are thousands of people in sales jobs by default who do not have this passion) badly enough, then the comfort zone wins….and we don’t sell. Or groove our golf stroke, or land the love of our life, or play piano.

What do we WANT? What are the FACTS about the steps (processes) necessary to acquire that? Why don’t we do those things? I submit we simply don’t WANT the avowed results enough.

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“There is a clear and present danger when we are neither clear nor present”

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