April 21, 2024

Corporate CoDriver: Ships Passing in the Night

Ships passing in the night

Friday I had a very busy day.  I worked out (as I try to do on a daily basis, but sometimes my Knower/Judger rules against it).  I met a client for a cup of coffee at the trendy Kaldi’s Coffee Shop in beautiful downtown Kirkwood, MO.  I had a lunch meeting with a prospective 3-2-1-GO client, and a 3:00 meeting at Kaldi’s.  Whew!  What a whirlwind day!

But there’s a HUGE lesson within this day.  Both my Kaldi’s meetings had been on my calendar for some time.  I even joked about it….”My business day begins and ends at Kaldi’s in Kirkwood”.  How “dialed in” these appointments were became totally clear as I sat on the patio in Kirkwood and telephoned my client at 3:10 inquiring where he was.  “Where are YOU?” the client retorted…..then it hit me.

He lives out in the Chesterfield Valley and he was sitting at Kaldi’s……..in CHESTERFIELD!!! (As this data sank in, it occurred to me that there are even 4 other Kaldi’s locations in the St. Louis area…..arrrrgggghhhhhh!).

How often does our K/J understanding of things (our filters), prevent us from even seeing that there’s any doubt to be explored? We’re SO CERTAIN that we KNOW (whatever it is that we know) that NOTHING ELSE IS EVEN POSSIBLE.

Big government is the answer.  Smaller government is the answer.  Toilet paper comes off the bottom of the role…..top of the role….well…I think you get my point.

In order to explore the doubt, one has to concede there might be doubt.  Or connections will be compromised.

As soon as the glaring light bulb went on over my head, I chose Eckhart Tolle’s first of three productive responses (Engage Enthusiastically, Enjoy Passively or Accept), and totally engaged weaving in and out of rush-hour traffic to meet with my client at HIS Kaldi’s….made it in 20 minute!

Lessons?  A.  Allow some doubt to explore.  B.  When you blow it, have some fun with it.  Life’s too short.

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“There is a clear and present danger when we are neither clear nor present”


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