Archive | June, 2011

Change Everything in a Moment

From Volume 4, Issue 6: Do you remember the first time you drummed up the courage to kiss your girlfriend or boyfriend? Everything changed, right? How about the first time you moved over to the driver’s side of the car and took the wheel? The first time you raised your hand in class? The time you decided to quit that job or take that ballroom dancing class? In just one moment, you changed your life, and you can do it again whenever you like.

Breaking a Bad Habit

From Volume 4, Issue 6: Your spouse needs to lose some weight. Your boss needs to change how she deals with people. Your young adult child needs to stop partying and get serious about his education. If you find yourself thinking about everyone else’s bad habits, you may have the worst habit of all.

Moment of Clarity, June 2011: Where does all that brain power go?

Volume 4 Issue 6: Where does all that brain power go?