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Taking the High Road

From Volume 4, Issue 10:My client Lawrence said something interesting the other day. I was talking to him about the tendency we have to operate from our Knower/Judgers because it’s easier and safer, and usually takes care of our immediate emotional needs. “Yes,” said Lawrence, “But that’s not taking the high road.”

Moment of Clarity, October 2011, At the ol’ ballgame

From Volume 4, Issue 10:“Every year, and every round of the playoffs,” he said, “there’s distractions all around. It can go from family stuff, clubhouse stuff, opponents, friendships, whatever it is. If you can’t eliminate that on your day, you’re going to have extra trouble.” Chris Carpenter

Someone Left the Cake Out in the Rain

From Volume 4, Issue 10:As I write this, hundreds, if not thousands, of U.S. citizens are voicing their displeasure about conditions—mostly economic—by “occupying” Wall Street and other iconic sites. This action appears to be a manifestation of a growing frustration with how things have changed since the economic meltdown of 2008.