Archive | December, 2011

Who Loves Ya

From Volume 4, Issue 11In the chick flick Eat, Pray, Love, Julia Roberts’ character (a confused middle-aged woman looking for something that I never quite figured out) tells Javier Bardem’s character, “I don’t have to love you to prove I love myself.” At this point in the movie, most reviewers poked a finger down their throats and gagged, but I found a usable message that we can all use to improve the relationships with the people we love.

Surviving the Season

From Volume 4, Issue 11:In this season where we all try to get along, we all try to love each other, we all try to tolerate our visiting relatives, I offer this survival technique: Work On Wondering, or WOW.

Moment of Clarity December 2011, Anticipation

From Volume 4, Issue 12 This is the time of year when anticipation runs rampant. Kids expect Santa to supply them with everything they see on TV. We expect warmth and humility from assembled and compressed families….World Peace wouldn’t be all bad either. This month’s Moment of Clarity puts anticipation in perspective with results. Managing expectations can be the key to reducing frustration and friction,