May 17, 2022

Do You Know Too Much?

From Volume 3, Issue 11: Bob’s an insurance agent, and suddenly, after 20 years in the business, he’s failing at his job. He’s making 20 calls a day but the sales just aren’t happening. “I know how to make sales. I’m good at what I do!” he says. “At least, I thought I was.” Bob’s making a classic mistake that you might be making too: becoming too good at what he does.

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Obama vs. McChrystal….T.K.O.

President Obama and General Stanley McChrystal went at it in the sandbox. They have our wallets and the lives of our sons and daughters in their hands. McChrystal basically lost in in getting his emotional needs met (gotta be right!). Obama’s locked in plan for withdrawal reels against common military wisdom. Two men locked in their respective “knowledges”. No exploration of doubt. Obama wins. T.K.O.

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