July 15, 2024

How Are Your Relation Ships?

If your connection to another person were compared to ships, how would they be described? Consider the connections you have or have had or hope to have—this should be a fun exercise!

Ships passing in the night? You know the type—also known as one-night stands? (No need here for further commentary.)

Ships on calm seas? (“Steady as she goes, mate.”) These dynamics are comfortable and totally under control.


A ship in port. It doesn’t get much more comfortable than this—it’s time for a good rest.


A ship on rough seas? These can make you feel a little queasy in the stomach, but these ships were built for this… they can take it.


Ready to hit an iceberg? You never know if this boat will stay afloat, do you? (“How fast can I get off?… and Where’s the lifeboat?)

A respite on the seas of life? This lifeboat may be just the place to go when you’re feeling a need for unconditional acceptance.


Ships in armadas. These are coordinated—where everybody counts on everybody else doing what’s expected.


Just being built? (“See the new cute guy in accounting?”) This is all about possibilities.

Being redesigned? (“I think it’s time to step back” or “This is not how I want this to go.”)

Being scuttled? (“I’m outta here! I quit.”)

A graceful ship: Beautiful and cultured. Long term and standing out for good reasons.


A yacht? High maintenance and usually pleasurable.


Competing ships—both wanting to win (“I’ll get there before you do!”).


Warships or destroyers. These are usually out to devour your soul—suck the life out of you. Sometimes they’re easy to become addicted to.


A submarine? This is motivated similarly to warships and destroyers, but it’s sneakier. We often don’t see it coming… and then “Boom!”


A cruise ship (“Everybody on board!”)? Free food and drink, little responsibility and no accountability required.


A tugboat? Welcoming all to harbor, guiding them to port—home.


I bet you have a connection with at least one of each of these. And I believe you have the ability to choose which boat defines the connection to you.

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