April 25, 2024

It’s Always the Other Guy

From Volume 5, Issue 9:Since I deal in frustration, stress, and struggle, I’m frequently engaged by leaders to work my magic on their teams. The problem, these leaders often suggest, is that people have a hard time listening. They make the same mistakes repeatedly, or don’t communicate well with the team. They are the source of the boss’s frustration, stress, and struggle, and my job is to change them. But what’s the one thing all these people who cause so many issues have in common? Their leader!

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Moment of Clarity December 2011, Anticipation

From Volume 4, Issue 12 This is the time of year when anticipation runs rampant. Kids expect Santa to supply them with everything they see on TV. We expect warmth and humility from assembled and compressed families….World Peace wouldn’t be all bad either. This month’s Moment of Clarity puts anticipation in perspective with results. Managing expectations can be the key to reducing frustration and friction,

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